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Welcome to Hockey’s Mecca, The Historic Bilingual City of Stanley Cups… Montréal Quebec… Montreal Canada…

Let’s Rebuild the Rink

Billy Goergette at the Victoria Rink SiteThe restoration of the Victoria Rink is at the very heart of this website. Independent studies reveal a damaged archaeological site in downtown Montreal that is more than worthy of public attention. In the 1920s, a structure was built upon the original foundations of the Rink to house in-door parking. This space, defined by two lane-ways spanning two downtown streets, is sacred ground by any account. As always, the question is administrative, the business of professionals and governments. As such, we invite your input on the full range of possibilities that a rebuilt Victoria Rink raises and implies.

Among these are…

1) a National Canadian Heritage Site under the supervision of Parks Canada.

2) a Public Foundation administered by the City of Montreal or the Province of Quebec.

3) a Private Consortium lead by large companies such as Power Corporation or Molson’s

4) a Plan to celebrate Hockey’s Origins by the NHL and the Montreal Canadians involving the Rink.

5) a Personal Operation of Food, Beverage and Entertainment Companies that have had wide experience in the Festival Business.

6) Any other practical possibility…

There is no question that a rebuilt Victoria Rink would have a powerful impact on Downtown Montreal should the city decide to focus on this singular history. Visitors from around the world would instantly make it become the Number One tourist attraction in Canada.

The Victoria Rink, Montreal

The Victoria Rink, Montreal

1) Here, they would be able to experience and see…hockey as it was first played on it’s original ice surface.

2) Winter Carnivals restored as a year round event.

3) A 3000 seat capacity exhibition and showplace facility.

4) A purely historic Hockey Hall of Fame featuring the Original Stanley Cup on Permanent Display.

5) A series of walkways starting at the Rink honoring all outstanding contributors to the Game.

There is an omnipresent threat to the preservation of this unique historic site. Developers are looking at this property as one of the last possible locations to put up condos in the burgeoning downtown core. The basic fact is, that unless something is done to protect the Rink site, this single most important heritage place in Canada will disappear leaving hockey fans world-wide without a trace as to the importance of hockey’s origins.

A diverse group of Montrealers have been maintaining a federally based non profit organization and website called   We encourage you to visit it for a more profound view of the scope of Canadian Hockey History.